National Online Competitions

The Annual Report Competition will identify the best end-of-year reports summarizing each company's activities, achievements, and financial performance. The submission period will open on May 1, 2016 and close on June 30, 2016. Entries will be scored on a rolling basis. Please review the Annual Report rubric found on the Portal / Annual Report.

For the Video Commercial Competition, students will produce a 30 to 60 second video commercial that effectively promotes their VEI business, product(s), and/or service(s). Videos will be judged based on content, how compelling the commercial is, and production quality. Submissions must be appropriate for a school-related event, must be original student work, and must not violate copyright laws or plagiarize existing work.


Submission Criteria

  • Video commercials must be between 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Content must be appropriate for a school-related event and
  • Commercials must be original student work and must not violate copyright laws or plagiarize existing work; example, use of the Nike brand or logo without Nike’s permission.
  • One entry per firm


Judging Criteria

Video Commercials will be rated on a five-star scale with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest score.

  • Content - How well is the story or message communicated in the video?  Are the product and/or service offering(s) clearly presented? How well are the company’s branding elements (company name, logos, colors, slogan, etc.) featured in the commercial?
  • Compelling - Did this commercial evoke interest or capture your attention?  If you were in the target market, would you be motivated to buy the product(s)/service(s) based on this commercial?
  • Production Quality - How well were the production elements executed such as audio/video quality, editing, and use of multimedia (graphics, titles)?

The Company Newsletter reflects the company and its mission through information written for the firm’s employees. All firm employees are encouraged to participate in the design and production of the newsletter.

Submission Criteria

Company newsletters should be submitted as a single PDF document and address the following themes:

  • Company and Mission – The newsletter is unique to the specific company, mission and employees through content and presentation.
  • Newsletter Content – Content may include timely articles, real and/or virtual industry trends, information about events, news from the HR department or any other company related news appropriate for a school environment.
  • Presentation Design – The newsletter must include proper trademarks (if applicable), be free of any plagiarism or copyright infringement and be original student work. The newsletter should be free of any editorial and/or grammatical errors as well as proper formatting and professional presentation.

Judging Criteria

  • Company and Mission – Does the newsletter provide information about the company, mission and employees?
  • Newsletter Content – Does the newsletter contain uniquely appropriate information about the company, industry trends, employees and/or company events?
  • Presentation – Is the newsletter professionally written and designed?

Career Readiness Framework Alignment

  • Leadership:
    • Demonstrates well-rounded perspective and unique style
  • Professional:
    • Demonstrates professionalism
    • Communicates effectively
    • Collaborates with others
    • Embraces diversity
  • Functional:
    • Understands general business dynamics
  • Core Technology Skills:
    • Word processing software
    • Department/function specific technology

The National Website Competition is open to all firms participating in the VEI network. Judges will evaluate websites based on customer experience, such as first impressions, display of products/services, ease of use and ordering, valueadded content and features, and overall look and feel.


Submission Criteria

Websites will be automatically pulled from the Portal to be entered into the competition. To ensure you’re entered in this competition, your website must be added to your Firm Profile in the Portal. View step-by-step instructions for Adding a Firm Website at


Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • First Impressions – Do you know what the company does? Do you like the look of the site? Does it look professional and trustworthy?
  • Purchasing – After adding an item to the cart and proceeding to checkout, how easily can a customer purchase a product or service? Was it easy to find and add an item to the cart?
  • Overall – Rate this category based on your analysis of the entire website.  Does the design and layout of the website support what the business does?  Is there content such as photos, videos, and/or links to social media accounts?  What would you think about this website if it was for a real business? Are there spelling and/or grammatical errors?
  • Overall comment


The Employee Manual is a reflection of the company’s mission and outlines the policies, procedures, and expectations for employees and management. As part of running a successful business, each company is tasked with creating an Employee Manual, which is typically developed and managed by the Human Resources department. For this competition, each Employee Manual will be rated on the structure, content, and key policies found in the document.


Submission Criteria

Employee manuals should be submitted as a single PDF document and address the following themes:

  • Company & Mission:  Elements of this section may include a company description and mission statement, organization chart, descriptions of roles and responsibilities, company culture.
  • Company Policies:  Examples may include policies on time and attendance, payroll, conflict resolution, diversity & inclusion, internet/email/social media, or others relevant to the business.
  • Employee Performance and Benefits:  Elements of this section may include information on performance evaluations, professional development, employee benefits, retirement planning, and/or employee motivation.
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt:  The manual should include a signed declaration page for each employee to acknowledge receipt of the manual.


Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • Company & Mission:  How well does the Employee Manual orient the employee to the company and its mission?
  • Company Policies:  How well does the Employee Manual demonstrate comprehensive policies to manage employee and company operations?
  • Employee Performance and Benefits:  Does the company effectively outline procedures for evaluating, developing and motivating employees?
  • Presentation:  Is the Employee Manual presented and written professionally and consistent with the company’s mission?
  • Overall: How well does this Employee Manual clearly define the policies, procedures, and expectations of employees and management?

Firms will demonstrate their company branding through the submission of a branding package that includes the company logo, fonts, color palette and associated applications such as: company letterhead, business cards, envelopes, cover pages, sales materials, or other similar company documents. An effective brand will be memorable, versatile, relevant to the company’s business, and consistently applied across all elements. A versatile logo is one that will look good when applied in different applications, such as brochures, websites, or promotional pens.

Submission Criteria

Prepare a single PDF document with the following elements:

  • Page 1: Logo, color palette, fonts
  • Page 2: Company letterhead and one-paragraph company description
  • Page 3: Business card (front & back, if applicable)
  • Pages 4-6 (optional): Up to three applications of the company branding. Elements may include a cover page template, envelope, sales materials, product packaging, or other similar elements.

View a sample submission document here:

Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars.

A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • First Impressions - What is your first reaction to the branding elements presented?
  • Logo, Fonts, and Color Palette – How would you rate the quality of the logo, font choices, and color palette?
  • Consistency across elements – Does the brand identity extend consistently across each element? Do the various elements come together to make a cohesive whole?
  • Relevance to the business – Do the logo and branding elements seem to be relevant to the business or industry?
The Elevator Pitch Competition is a video submission competition that challenges VEI students to make a convincing and engaging “Elevator Pitch” to Angel Investors in 60 seconds or less.


Submission Criteria
Record a 30-60 second video of a VEI student delivering an elevator pitch for your business. Videos should capture one (max. two) students delivering the pitch to the camera. The pitch should be delivered in a single, unedited take. Videos should not be edited together or produced with effects. This doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed on the first take, but there should be no post-production done to the pitch (i.e. don’t edit two halves of different takes together). Avoid reading from scripts or cue cards. Please be sure to record the video in a reasonably quiet environment to make it easier for the judges to hear and understand. Avoid recording outdoors or in loud hallways.

Judging Criteria
Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

Compelling - How well does the pitch entice you or draw you in?

Informative - How well does the pitch deliver all of the details you are looking for? Details may include: the problem that it solves, target market, business model, current needs, etc.

Next Steps - As an investor how likely would you be to take next steps with this company?

Delivery - Rate the quality and professionalism of the student's delivery. Elements to consider include appropriate attire, eye contact, voice projection, and poise.

Overall Comment - What could have made this pitch better? How can this student improve?