National Online Competitions

The Elevator Pitch Competition is a video submission competition that challenges VEI students to make a convincing and engaging “Elevator Pitch” to an Angel Investor in 60 seconds or less.

Submission Criteria

Record a 30-60 second video of a VEI student delivering an elevator pitch for your business. Videos should capture one (max. two) students delivering the pitch to the camera. The pitch should be delivered in a single, unedited take. Videos should not be edited together or produced with effects. This doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed on the first take, but there should be no postproduction done to the pitch (i.e. don’t edit two halves of different takes together). Avoid reading from scripts or cue cards. Please be sure to record the video in a reasonably quiet environment to make it easier for the judges to hear and understand. Avoid recording outdoors or in loud hallways.

Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • Compelling - How well does the pitch entice you or draw you in?
  • Informative - How well does the pitch deliver all of the details you are looking for? Details may include: the problem that it solves, target market, business model, current needs, etc.
  • Next Steps - As an investor how likely would you be to take next steps with this company?
  • Delivery - Rate the quality and professionalism of the student's delivery. Elements to consider include appropriate attire, eye contact, voice projection, and poise.
  • Overall Comment - What could have made this pitch better? How can the pitch be improved?