2019 National Company Newsletter Competition

Each VE company is asked to design a company newsletter. The newsletter should communicate information about the company, special events, real world and virtual world news, contact information, and other information the company would like to share. Each company will use the newsletter to communicate with its employees and other Virtual Enterprise stakeholders. For this event, one PDF copy of the newsletter developed by student-employees will be submitted for judging.

How to Submit

  1. Click on "Details" below
  2. Make sure you are registered and logged in using your firm email or a student account 
  3. Click on the "Compete in this competition" button at the bottom of the 2019 National Company Newsletter Competition page 
  4. Click in the middle of the gray box that pops up to browse and find your file
  5. Upload the file
  6. You will receive a notification "Upload Complete" and an email from VEI Competitions confirming submission receipt (remember to check SPAM folder if you don't receive the email)

Submission Criteria

Company newsletters should be submitted as a single PDF document and address the following themes:

  • Company and Mission - The newsletter is unique to the specific company, mission and employees through content and presentation.
  • Newsletter Content - Content may include timely articles, real and/or virtual industry trends, information about events, news from the HR department, professional development opportunities, or any other company related news appropriate for company employees and VE stakeholders.
  • Presentation - The newsletter should be consistent with company branding elements such as logo and colors, be free of any plagiarism or copyright infringement, and be original student work. The newsletter should be free of any editorial and/or grammatical errors and maintain proper formatting and professional presentation.

Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • Company and Mission - Does the newsletter provide relevant information about the company, mission and employees?
  • Newsletter Content - Does the newsletter contain uniquely appropriate and relevant information about company news and updates, industry trends, employee announcements or recognition, and/or company events?
  • Presentation - Is the newsletter professionally written and designed?

Career Readiness Framework Alignment


  • Demonstrates well-rounded perspective and unique style


  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Demonstrates self-development and learning orientation
  • Communicates effectively
  • Collaborates with others
  • Embraces diversity


  • Understands general business dynamics

Core Technology Skills

  • Word processing software
  • Department/function specific technology
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