2019 National E-Commerce Website Competition

The National E-Commerce Website Competition is open to all firms participating in the VEI network. Judges will evaluate websites based on customer experience, such as first impressions, display of products/services, ease of use and ordering, value-added content and features, and overall look and feel.

Submission Criteria

Websites will be automatically pulled from the Portal to be entered into the competition. To ensure you’re entered in this competition, your website must be added to your Firm Profile in the Portal. View step-bystep instructions for Adding a Firm Website at https://veinternational.org/portal-support/add-a-firm-website/.

Judging Criteria

Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement.

  • First Impressions - Do you know what the company does? Do you like the look of the site? Does it look professional and trustworthy?
  • Purchasing - After adding an item to the cart and proceeding to checkout, how easily can a customer purchase a product or service? Was it easy to find and add an item to the cart?
  • Overall - Rate this category based on your analysis of the entire website. Does the design and layout of the website support what the business does? Is there content such as photos, videos, and/or links to social media accounts? What would you think about this website if it was for a real business? Are there spelling and/or grammatical errors?

Career Readiness Framework Alignment


  • Demonstrates intrapreneurship
  • Motivates others to act
  • Demonstrates well-rounded perspective and unique style


  • Communicates effectively
  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Solves problems creatively
  • Embraces diversity


  • Understands general business dynamics
  • Demonstrates industry/function-specific skills

Core Technology:

  • Department/function-specific technology


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